Are you a Baracuda enough

I have always held this belief that one can take a break from one’s career and head back to it when one is ready again. Little did I think that the break would be for 11 years. I had my reason though. I had moved to a new country had my child and was deeply involved with raising the new member of the family. In my utter folly I thought I could head back to it when my son is independant enough so when he was 11 years old and I was in the land of opportunity, Singapore, I started hunting for a job to get back to my earlier profession – Public Relations/Corporate Communications.

I knew it would be different but I was not prepared for some rude shocks. Of course I did do a bit of  research if not a whole lot and with that I headed out into the big bad world I had shielded myself for so long. It was the second interview which actually jolted me back to reality.

I was asked a number of questions and I with whatever I read albeit limited knowledge had more to say about the social media. I ardently believe that print media is dwindling whereas social media is booming and this is not the future its the present and we need to look at it with more respect and use it as a tool and medium to put forth any information to the people at large. It will eventually spread through views and shares and plain word of mouth.  Anyway whats my beleif compared to that of someone who has been in the industry for many years. I was anyways extremely dated

So I open my big mouth and spew all my beleifs and soon was put in place. Once your are a mommy and you have left work you are already dated. I was in no uncertain terms reprimanded for even thinking that I could get back into the game please read watlz back. Things here are much more evolved despite it being a small counry than whats it back in my home country and now after so many years its evolved much.

I was with all due respect just like Mark Antony was addressing the Honourable Men, asked to go back to my motherly duties write for on motherly blogs, which are of course most inconsequential compared to all the world saving work going on in that particular organization. Not to mention that I was old and would be eaten up by the so called ‘barracudas’ who have now conquered the work environment. The younger generation were nothing short of being so competitive that they are all willing to eat up anyone who would even dream of encroaching their space. Was it that or have I been told that the younger gen is predatorial and that being fearsome is what we all want now.

Thats when it made me think how we have changed as people. In an industry that we called Public Relations are we not building relations anymore? Is it all about fear and how you project yourself or is it true knowledge. Being competitive is commendable and wonderful but at are we looking back to see who and how many we are treading and trampling on. 

My question therefore is should someone who has taken a break from work  because her maternal instincts told her to do so never get back to work or should she train to be a baracuda first most importantly how do we train to be a baracuda.

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