Film Stars and Politics



Film stars have always been interested in politics, or so we think. Stars have fought elections against seasoned politicians and have won too.

You might remember how Big B won against Bahuguna or how Vinod Khanna won. Our society has always been star struck and the political parties have rightly used star power and magnetism to garner votes.

Moreover just as the star power and charisma starts fading we see our prolific Bollywood head honchos heading for the coveted Parliament.

Yes, if we see rationally, a star has the power to go beyond his or her glamorous stature and take a social stand whereby myriads would notice and follow suit. A star can definitely motivate the millions, highlight a social issue and convert it into a nationwide cause they can also raise fund for charitable purposes. So far so good!

Nowadays we have a modern day crop. They are stars by right, they have their political affiliations and allegiance, and they have a strong opinion about the right political party doing the right thing by India. They have gone about touting what people must do. They have been vocal about our sovereign and democratic rights. That every single one of us should go out and vote and make a difference so that we can see the right people running the State of Affairs. They have been preaching us that we are responsible for electing our leaders and we should exercise our rights very carefully.

They do need to be applauded for taking advantage of their celebrity stature and asking India to do the right thing.

But hey presto what happened during elections? When it was time for all of us to exercise our voting rights? Is it only for us laymen and not the ones who have been egging us to vote?

But of course lets not forget there was IIFA and it was scheduled much before the elections and some of our beloved stars had to perform at IIFA, the prestigious award ceremony.

So of course in the list of priorities award ceremonies get more importance than electing leaders. After all these leaders will not be paying us or feeding us neither will they bring the so-called millions into our kitty.

So Bharat ke Janta, go and vote but unfortunately we have more pressing and prior commitments. Please go ahead and vote, or some of you in Mumbai please take this as an opportunity to go for a short vacation. As someone significant twitted, ‘dont see contradiction in appealing to others to vote. If I was there, for sure would have voted.’

So the lesson learnt here is always talk but never walk the talk!

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