Go wild with Jeans


Denim is a fashion statement we all like to make. We can design it  in any which way we want but the coolest one is  the distressed type.

The absolute latest in distress jeans is, the Zoo Jeans, and who pray are the designers… they are, hold your breath guys, the lions and the tigers and bears. Its as wild as can get!

Zoo jeans is created with fabric that is pre ripped and chewed by the creatures in the wild before they are made into trousers that we can wear, oh so fashionably. Just when we thought that jeans can be only that much stressed and distressed and we cant get more innovative than that, BANG comes Japan’s Zoo Jeans to take the world by storm.

This is a charitable initiative conceived by I&S BBDO for the Kamine Zoo at Hitachi City. The denim is wrapped around a favourite toy of the animals and is left to be ripped, clawed and chewed by them. The added benefit – chewing on denim keeps the carnivores teeth healthy and strong. Hmmm next time I visit the zoo I will rethink my decision of wearing jeans.

The chewed material makes for the distress design of the final product. These jeans have been auctioned and the money has been used to benefit the zoo as well as the World Wildlife Fund.

On a scale of one to ten this idea definitely gets a ten for its totally wild and out of the box innovation



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