The Runaway Bridegroom


Sundari Venkatraman has done it again – Runaway Bridegroom is another easy moving, and entertaining romance. Amidst all the love blooming, she has brought to the fore a very real social issue. It is disquieting to know that even at this day and age, rituals such as these exist.

The story about Veerendra and Chanda begins with a shocker. A cruel reality hits the reader, in quite a different way, as it does to the Maheshwari family. While they are reeling under the revelation that their daughter’s husband has escaped, the reader’s are bewildered that a solemn ceremony that brings two matured adult hearts together could even take place when it was time to live in carefree wonderment.

Soon after the incident, Chanda’s father moves the family to Jaipur to start their lives once again. Moving on, the Maheshwaris do well for themselves, the business flourishes and the children get good education. Chanda moves to Delhi for her management studies. It is during one of the guest lectures that she gets eye locked with Ranveer for a split second and feels her pulse racing. All this while when all her other friends were living their lives, footloose and fancyfree, Chanda kept herself away from all of it. Despite the long years, her education and change of place, Chanda could not forget her past.

To Sundari’s credit, she compliments the light reading by weaving in how our psyche works when there has been a dark even in the past thus accentuating the enormity of the matter. While the other students can go about living their lives, Chanda harbors a guilt in some corner of her mind. A guilt that she is not responsible for, a crime that she has not committed a transgression that she was not a part of and neither did she understand the full meaning of it at that time. Sundari portrays perfectly that the past never gets obliterated, you can try to escape from it and change your perspective but it will find a way to catch up with you.

Nevertheless, delving and facing your past might not be such a bad idea either. When Chanda starts working in Ranveer’s software company, she is mesmerized by his charisma and is almost in awe of his confidence and affable nature. Ranveer too is smitten by Chanda and is inexorably attracted to her ignoring all the alluring moves of his secretary. But fate has better plans for them. Chanda is soon called back home to meet her father in law and bring home the errant husband who her parents are sure is somewhere around waiting to be with Chanda, as the astrologer prophesied.

In the mean time Ranveer too is upset with the absence of Chanda and heads back home that he had left many years back. His loving family is overjoyed to see him and forgives him for his mistake as a child. With a fantastic twist in the end, the two souls reunite, restoring the readers’ faith on destiny once again.

Sundari has wonderfully penned down a moving love story with twists and turns. The language and flow of the story is perfect and despite being a rom com it also leaves us with something to think about, by highlighting the social evils that only brings in more heartaches and inconvenience us. Also, and very importantly, the fact that if its fated it will happen.

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