Matches made in Heaven – Sundari Venkatraman

matters of heart

Sundari Venkatraman has the gift of story telling especially in the Romance genre. She established herself firmly in this genre with Meghna and the Runaway Groom, and now she is out with an anthology of love stories. All you readers who like to read romantic novels can have a peek into her assortment of racey and pacey stories.

Sundari has always emphasized that she writes for pure entertainment and true to her words her stories are simple, unpretentious and a breather to the weary mind. Though the stories are simple tales of love and romance she also brings to fore the social issues in some of the them like,

Groomnapped – The social evil of dowry forces the two lovers to take an unconventional path to be together.

Beauty is Skin Deep – Sundari again explored the age old , in my opinion, a vice of the colour of skin being the only measure of beauty. We forget that a beautiful heart is worth more than complexion and physical attraction and good looks.

Soul Mates – This story cuts across age and time and underscores the fact that love is not dependant on a person’s country, colour, race and creed.

Sundari also has a few stories that are quite steamy as well like

An Arranged Marriage – The protagonist is unsure of getting married to someone she doesn’t know but caves into the family pressure. On her way home a chance encounter with a stranger turns her life around.

Chahti Hoon Tumhe – A story of love, success, glamour and deceit very well woven that ends in a positive note.

Papa’s Girl – An industrialist’s daughter, after being duped in love a few times finally finds her match.

Amidst the assortment of stories my personal favourite is

Rahat Mili – An interesting story about rebirth. Two souls meet up again to be with each other. Reminded me of the Rumi saying about how the universe conspires to make two souls meet.

Also what makes the anthology complete is the mythological love story Love Match for Velan. As a Bengali, I have never heard of stories revolving around Karthikeya hence this particular one made for pleasant reading.

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