Hidden Passion by Summerita Rhayne


Love, passion, desire, power, politics, royalty are all blended in one to take the reader back in time with the Khamboj princess, Rukmani and the Royal Emperor Devesh. Summerita’s writing is vibrant and lucid and the reader can almost see the tale unfold before their eyes.

Rukmani is the youngest of the Khamboj princess and she has given her heart to the rugged royal King Devesh, against the will of her father the King of Khamboj and her brothers the Princes of Khamboj. Though a delicate and dainty princess her will is insurmountable. As we read on we find that her character has manifold layers.

When King Devesh invites her family to visit him she gets her way into going on a spear hunt and she is more than willing to show that she desires him and take that impulsive leap. When her parents disapprove of her choice of bridegroom she is not scared to brave the weather, the forest and the unknown to run for help to her lover who is also the protector of her kingdom. When spurned she is unabashedly ready to become his courtesan, when the consequences are laid before her she shows her naivete towards politics and when asked to follow she is ready for any adventure. Yet she knows her mind, she is decidedly clear that she will follow her heart and is ready for any calamity that befalls her. A girl so sure of herself would also probably know what she is good with if she had to lead another life yet the question baffles her and she is despondent at this point because in her mind she is good at nothing.

She is a bag full of paradox and yet an endearing character which is why Devesh the ruler of all the neighboring kingdoms is inexorably in love with her but holds himself back because he is capable of comprehending what such a step might encompass and how this would endanger his entire empire. Devesh is quite the opposite of Rukmani in many ways. He has had no protected childhood, a leader of his clan, a war hero, ruggedly handsome completely opposite of exquisitely beautiful and graceful Rukmani.

Though the story is fast paced nevertheless Summerita sketches every detail about the apparels, the surroundings, the hunt, the palace, without losing the rhythm of it all. She keeps the reader engaged with her tale of passion, and the books makes for a good and fast read.




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