A-Z Challenge – Films: The power of storytelling

titanicStory telling has an immense power to change us from within and without. This is true especially when you see it unfolding before your eyes, either it breaks your beliefs or it strengths them. There have been movies across the globe that have rattled us, blew us away, made us sit up, cry, laugh, scared us and also made us take notice of the seemingly obvious that we have been blind to.cinema paradiso

ingrid BergmanI have since my childhood had been enamoured by movie, magic and as we Indians say ‘masti’. What better way to reach out to the millions than telling a story through films. The pain of the unrequited love, the trauma of the second world war, the bigotry of religion, the heart rendering emotions of relationships, the bitter sweet truths of life, all brought out on the silver screen within two to three hours and each having the potential to bring about a change in the viewer and the society at large.

The willing suspension of disbelief that makes us live in a different world full of romance,intrigue, suspense, mystery, adventure is not just  a  powerful tool to change us but also a powerful tool to help us forget our worries and escape into the land of dreams. In the A-Z challenge I hope to portray the influence films have had in our lives and the influence they will continue to have. How they make and break stereotypes and how they knock out on the one hand and reinstate our opinions and impressions of the ways of this world, on the other.


scent of a woman

I wish to make the readers discover a whole new paradise from my eyes and my point of view and I hope it is an incredible journey of discovery and rediscovery for all of you out there.


Yes I am one of the late entrants as I was in two minds about the time I could dedicate. But what the heck I now know its always good to give it your best shot and never say never again.


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