Ri – Homeland of Uncertainty by Paulami Dutta Gupta

Ri is not just the story of Eastern India; it’s a story that rings true in every part of the world. In the entire human history of 3400 years there has been peace only for 268 of them or lets say 8 percent of recorded history. And who suffer the most? The civilians of course! They are brushed aside as collateral damage. They are shot, bombed, raped, starved and driven from their homes.

The statistics of common man suffering in the war-ridden countries are more than scary. Be it the two great wars, or the genocide in Bosnia, the ethnic cleansing in Rwanda, terrorism in the name of religion from Afghanistan and Pakistan or the annihilation of population in Syria and Libya, it’s the common man that has faced the worst of circumstances, yet, ironically, the wars are apparently fought to usher in a better life for these very people.

We don’t have to go all around the world to see how human beings lose their family members and are torn to grief, we can just look around in our own country. Strife in the name of religion, administration, marginalization, ideology has become rampant and Ri very vividly brings out the dilemma and the helplessness of our times.

The story revolves around two characters. The hero Kyndia and the so called anti-hero Manbha . While, Kyndia has sworn to bring end to terrorism, Manbha has resolved to make India pay for marginalizing the North Eastern States. One wants to stop blood shed and senseless killing of inncent men, women and children and the other wants the men in power to finally look at his brethern and acknowledge them as human beings. Both men are bound by their ideologies and a sense of duty but their methods are different. One stays in the system to make lives easier and the other is wanted by the system for making trouble. One is the protector of the masses the other, the liberator of the masses, ushering in freedom.

The story gives us an insight to the everyday struggles of the people in these terror-ravaged states of North East. The uncertainty of life and the fear in which people live is a set back to the entire community not just in terms of education and business but a shadow of despair and gloom has shrouded them and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

The author ends the book in a positive note that provides for some kind of hope to the reader that perhaps not all is lost. Nevertheless reality most often t not that kind and the plight of the common man remains interminable.

Paulami Dutta Gupta weaves a story of desperation and hope in a simple moving narrative. It is at once lucid as it is expressive and makes the reader crave for more. What impressed me most is the little detail about Meghalaya that the author has penned at the beginning of the book – a beautiful state with nature at its best yet so consumed with violence. She has kept the narrative short, unpretentious and to the point which accentuates the impasse that makes for a poignant storyline .


 Ri – Homeland of Uncertainty


Paulami Duttagupta 

The Blurb
Ri- Homeland of Uncertainty is adapted from the National Award Winning Khasi film by the same name.Trapped in the limbo between ideology and conscience, Manbha finds him himself part of a terror outfit. An unexpected opportunity, anger, squalor and disillusionment – followed by and armed combat and injury lead to the soul- searching that form the substance of this moving tale.

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 Meet the Author

 Born in Shillong, many moons ago, with schooling at Loreto Convent, and an English Honors from St. Edmunds College, Paulami Duttagupta started her career with All India Radio Shillong. She had written and also given her voice to a few shows there. Later she came down to Kolkata and got a post graduate degree in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University. She had also taken up a fancy to learning Spanish, but today confesses that she has forgotten most of it.

She has written for ‘The Times of India’ in the ‘Guwahati-Shillong plus Edition’ and also ‘The Shillong Times’. Television had always attracted her and was connected to the Bangla TV industry for about 6 years. She was associated with ETV- Bangla, Akash Bangla and Sony Aath in this period.
Having left her day job in 2012, Paulami took up full time writing. Her first novel, “Pinjar” released in early 2012.
Her second novel “Unplanned Destinty” released in 2014. She is also the screenplay writer of the national award winning Khasi film – “Ri Homeland of Uncertainty”.“Ri” has been adapted into a novel and was released on September 14,2014She is currently working on her next project as movie script writer.

Apart from writing full length novels, she has written several short stories and articles. She has also contributed to the “Minds@work Anthology” and the “Family Matters International Anthology” in 2013.

Recently she has contributed to the “Learning and Creativity Anthology” , “Her Story Anthology”, and “Celebrating India – Love across Borders Anthology”.

When she is not writing or watching movies, Paulami is either reading biographies or classic pieces of literature. Cricket, food, cinema, books and music are an integral part of her life.

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Some extra Info on the book 

This book is an adaptation from a movie. Why? The author will answer that in one of our blogs which we will post soon. Stay tuned !!!

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God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramanium

banner with dates

God is a Gamer 


Ravi Subramanium 


The Blurb

Aditya runs a gaming company that is struggling to break even. A banker slips off a highrise building, plunging to her death. The finance minister has made some promises that he is finding hard to keep. The LTTE has unleashed terror in America that sends the FBI on a wild goose chase, bringing them to Mumbai.

Enter Varun, parttime drug dealer and fulltime genius. He turns around the gaming company before disaster strikes. Meanwhile, the investigators plunge headlong into

the shady world of bitcoins and the Dark Net, websites that only exist for illegal transactions—drugs, sex and money. God Is a Gamer culminates in a stunning climax where money means nothing, assassination is taught by the ancient Greeks, and nothing is as it seems.

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Meet the Author

ravi subra

Described as the ‘John Grisham of banking’, by the Wall Street Journal, Ravi Subramanian, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, is the author of five bestselling commercial novels—If God was a Banker (2007), Devil in Pinstripes (2009), The Incredible Banker (2011), The Bankster (2012) and Bankerupt (2013)—based on financial crime. His latest book God is a Gamer, releases on September 12th.

Having been a banker himself, he has a unique insight into the industry he writes about and a flair for spinning intricate plots that keep readers on the edge of their seats

His debut novel, If God was a Banker, won the 2008 Golden Quill Readers’ Choice Award and, more recently, The Incredible Banker won the 2011 Economist-Crossword Book Award in the ‘Popular’ category. He won the Crossword book award for The BANKSTER in 2012.

Ravi lives in Mumbai with his Biotechnologist turned banker wife, Dharini and his fourteen year old daughter Anusha.

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Scorched by his fire – Reet Singh

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by His Fire


Reet Singh 


scorched by fire




 Mita Ramphul can’t face another family set-up with a ‘nice young man’. What

she needs is to divert her family’s attention so introducing the devastatingly handsome Tanay Devkumar

as her new boyfriend is a stroke of brilliance. Until Tanay’s scorching hot kisses threaten to shatter her

plans for the perfect pretend date.


He might drive her crazy, yet

spending time with Tanay sparks a passion Mita never knew she had. It’s only meant to be temporary,

but when Tanay looks at her with that smoldering fire in his ebony eyes Mita can’t help but surrender to

the temptation of her fake boyfriend.


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Meet the




Reet has a romantic soul, partly genetic but certainly attributable to the romantic fictionshe devours by the kilo. When she’s not watching romcoms, or doing creative things with wool and a crochet hook, or playing Scrabble, she can be found in the kitchen putting together her ‘world-famous’ one-pot meals.

Married for three decades, her prototypical tall, handsome, and sensitive hero-husband still makes her heart skip a beat. Writing about love and happy endings feeds her romantic soul; hearing from her readers thrills her. Having a mother that read to her, she paid it forward, telling bedtime stories toher sons and nieces until they grew too old too fast. As a reaction to them growing up before she knewwhat was happening, she began writing for older children, and has published children’s books on Amazon, for Kindle.

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Ekkos Clan

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The Ekkos



Sudipto Das



The Blurb

 “The Ekkos Clan” is the story of Kratu’s search for the killers of his family, his

own roots and the mystery behind his grandmother’s stories.


account of Kubha and the basketful of folklore she inherited from her ancestors. The eventful lives of

Kubha and her family span a hundred years and encompass turbulent phases of Indian history. The

family saga unfurls gradually, along with Kubha’s stories, through the three main characters – Kratu Sen, a grad student at Stanford, Kratu’s best friend Tista

Dasgupta, and Afsar Fareedi, a linguistic palaeontologist.


Afsar hears about Kubha’s stories from Kratu

in a casual conversation, but she figures that these stories are not meant to be mere bed time tales – they contain rich linguistic fossils and layers of



In a bizarre incident Kratu

miraculously survives an attempt on his life. His sister and uncle had not been so lucky. Were

these murders acts of

revenge, or a larger ideological conflict connected to Kubha’s stories which conceal perilous secrets that

should be suppressed?


Afsar, Kratu and Tista travel across continents to unravel the

mystery of Kubha’s roots and the origin of her stories.


At a different level, the novel

subtly delves into the origin of one of the oldest civilizations of the world and the first book written by



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Meet the





Sudipto was born in

Calcutta to a family which fled Bangladesh during the partition riots of 1947. He grew up listening horrid

stories of the partition, something which he has used extensively in his debut novel The Ekkos Clan. He

completed his engineering from IIT Kharagpur in 1996. He lives in Bangalore.

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him @





Media Mentions 



“A promising debut in the growing realm of modern Indian fiction” – Jug Suraiya 

“An Indian thriller inspired by Dan Brown & Harrison Ford!… fast-paced thriller, replete with

murder and miraculous escapes” – Telegraph 

“If you are a history buff and a thriller aficionado, then [it] might just be the book for you” –

The Hindu 

“A tale of the Indian civilization and culture… takes you on a roller coaster ride” – The New Indian Express 

“An interesting read for an afternoon… One feisty woman’s partition story” – Bangalore


“Should be read for its sheer aspiration and the intelligent handling of historical material” –

The Sunday Guardian 

“Is essentially a mystery novel, but is grounded in a substantial base of research and exploration

into our past” – newsyaps.com


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Against All Rules – Summerita Rhayne



All Rules


Summerita Rhayne


The Blurb

 The efficient PA out of her depth…

Samara knows getting attracted

to Tahir is like asking for trouble. Not only is he her boss but he’s got divorced recently and has sworn off any commitment.

Short term is not

on her list but temptation has never been



The man who doesn’t have faith in

rainbows anymore…


Tahir doesn’t believe in enforcing

a code of conduct he cannot

follow. But Samara might just make him make an exception! An affair at the office might seem a solution

to his troubles but how can he

avoid treading uncharted territory…?


Against All Rules


when fire is set, it’s hard to

avoid the blaze


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Meet the







Rhayne loves to write sensual and emotional romance. There’s no knowing when some quirky – or sometimes

even not so quirky – happening in daily life might trigger her right brain and then she’s off craving

a new story. She loves writing characters who learn and grow and find their way out of their

troubles and emotional hang-ups. Hot, sensual heroes and sassy but sweet heroines mostly fit the bill in her stories. She also

believes that a touch of humor never goes amiss in a book.

She divides her time between family, job and writing – and loves winding down with music,

movies and the internet!

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Summerita Rhyane @





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The Full Circle







The Blurb

 Outwardly, Malini is a contented, sixty-something grandmother with a loving

family and everything a person could wish for. But Malini has lived her entire life with a secret confined

to the deepest recesses of her heart.


Haunted by the past, she travels

to Kumbakonam, her native town, which she had left years ago. There, she comes face-to-face with her

long-lost love.


After forty years, will Malini be

able to reclaim her own life, when love comes knocking at her door once again?


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Meet the




Yamini Vijendran (@saimini) is the author of ‘Full Circle’, a romance novella

published by Indireads. After being a Software Professional for 7 years, Yamini has been freelancing from

home for the past 3 years. She loves to dabble in fiction and romance and drama are her favorite genres. Her short stories have been

published in ‘Love Stories That Touched My Heart’, an Anthology published by Penguin India, New Asian

Writing and Six Sentences. Yamini also likes to pen poems when inspiration strikes, and her poetry has

been published in The Indian Review, Contemporary Literary Review of India and ‘A World Rediscovered’

a poetry Anthology by Cyberwit Publications. Yamini draws material for her stories and poems from the world around her. When she

is not converting her experiences to stories or poems, Yamini reads, plays with her toddler, and fools

around her laboratory, that is, the kitchen.

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Yamini Vijendran @



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The Runaway Bridegroom


Sundari Venkatraman has done it again – Runaway Bridegroom is another easy moving, and entertaining romance. Amidst all the love blooming, she has brought to the fore a very real social issue. It is disquieting to know that even at this day and age, rituals such as these exist.

The story about Veerendra and Chanda begins with a shocker. A cruel reality hits the reader, in quite a different way, as it does to the Maheshwari family. While they are reeling under the revelation that their daughter’s husband has escaped, the reader’s are bewildered that a solemn ceremony that brings two matured adult hearts together could even take place when it was time to live in carefree wonderment.

Soon after the incident, Chanda’s father moves the family to Jaipur to start their lives once again. Moving on, the Maheshwaris do well for themselves, the business flourishes and the children get good education. Chanda moves to Delhi for her management studies. It is during one of the guest lectures that she gets eye locked with Ranveer for a split second and feels her pulse racing. All this while when all her other friends were living their lives, footloose and fancyfree, Chanda kept herself away from all of it. Despite the long years, her education and change of place, Chanda could not forget her past.

To Sundari’s credit, she compliments the light reading by weaving in how our psyche works when there has been a dark even in the past thus accentuating the enormity of the matter. While the other students can go about living their lives, Chanda harbors a guilt in some corner of her mind. A guilt that she is not responsible for, a crime that she has not committed a transgression that she was not a part of and neither did she understand the full meaning of it at that time. Sundari portrays perfectly that the past never gets obliterated, you can try to escape from it and change your perspective but it will find a way to catch up with you.

Nevertheless, delving and facing your past might not be such a bad idea either. When Chanda starts working in Ranveer’s software company, she is mesmerized by his charisma and is almost in awe of his confidence and affable nature. Ranveer too is smitten by Chanda and is inexorably attracted to her ignoring all the alluring moves of his secretary. But fate has better plans for them. Chanda is soon called back home to meet her father in law and bring home the errant husband who her parents are sure is somewhere around waiting to be with Chanda, as the astrologer prophesied.

In the mean time Ranveer too is upset with the absence of Chanda and heads back home that he had left many years back. His loving family is overjoyed to see him and forgives him for his mistake as a child. With a fantastic twist in the end, the two souls reunite, restoring the readers’ faith on destiny once again.

Sundari has wonderfully penned down a moving love story with twists and turns. The language and flow of the story is perfect and despite being a rom com it also leaves us with something to think about, by highlighting the social evils that only brings in more heartaches and inconvenience us. Also, and very importantly, the fact that if its fated it will happen.

Helpline – A poignant tale of love and loss

Uday Mane’s Debut novel Helpline has an intriguing storyline. It begins with a twenty year old Samir in a series of strange dreams where in this very familiar girl appears and beckons him. His eyes open to a psychiatrist’s clinic and the reader immediately is aware of his condition. He has not slept in months, hasn’t eaten and has emaciated beyond belief. Does that remind anyone about a movie? Yes much like the Machinist, who harbor’s guilt and the psychological repercussions lead to insomnia, drug abuse and rapid loss of weight.

Helpline is a pathos filled love story, sketched on a large canvass stretching across many years. It is not a love story that blooms, blossoms and has the perfect ending. It about the love we harbor in us for years and no matter what the distances are we do finally open up to the feelings residing in us. The story is lovingly written and feels almost autobiographical and as a reader I think it is layered with many levels to it.

Helpline is not just about finding love and losing it but finding love in so many more people and in so many ways. Love and respect for a grandfather, sibling love, love and acceptability of people who are challenged. It also shows us how we, as parents, from time immemorial, live our dreams and ambitions through our children and in the process smothering their aspirations out of them.

Despite the engaging storyline the reading becomes laborious in places because of a few editing faux pas here and there. Its not just the grammatical errors that’s the downside but had Uday Mane put in more attention and thought into the language, it would have added and accentuated the pathos and the human frailties in the story manifold times. Moreover as we progress through the book, the ending seemed very hurriedly written and incongruous. The story would have been more poignant had he not been long winding and disjointed at the end.

Having said that, I think, he weaves in and underscores the fact that love doesn’t die out quite masterfully. Even though time takes you away, the heart finds a way and it reminds me of one of Paulo Coelho’s quotes, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Though the universe conspired to bring Samir and Riya together, it was the appalling inhumanity that separated them again. 28th September 2008 is etched in everyone’s memory and Uday Mane weaves giving us a glimpse of how pointless it all is. Yet again maybe the universe had a plan for him through the tragedy, as it not only makes him the writer he wants to be but he also eventually finds his life’s goal in, Siddharth, Riya’s challenged brother.

by Uday Mane

The Blurb

 Samir is suicidal. Rachael works for a suicide helpline. Fate connects them through a phone call. And so begins Samir’s story of love, longing, errors, regret and a girl who changed his life. As his story reaches its conclusion, Rachael will know the true reason behind his suicidal tendencies. But this suicide helpline is not any ordinary service. There is more to the mysterious and yet so convincing voice of Rachael. As this new mystery begins to unfold, Samir is going to discover three things: 

What is The Helpline? 

Who is Rachael? 

What is Samir’s own identity? 

Every year, several teenagers in India attempt suicide because of failing relationships, dwindling careers, parental pressure or the competitive world. This story is about one such teenager, his early problems and the hurdles to cope with them. This story is about finding hope in the struggle. This story is about fighting for what you believe in and discovering your true identity. This is not a story about falling in love. This is a story of rising from a failed love story.

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Meet the Author
Uday Mane was born in Pune and raised in Mumbai. He works as a marketing professional during the day and a storyteller during the night. He is an avid reader, and loves to collect classic books.

The Helpline is his debut novel that was launched in March 2014 at the hands of Padma Shri Paresh Rawal.

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The Rapid Fall by Adiana Ray

Rapid Fall by Adiana Ray is a short whirlwind of a love story between the charismatic JD and the sweet and simple Sonia. Destiny brings the two souls together, human weakness separates them and good sense brings them back again.

It’s a well written, tight and fast paced rom com that has all the elements of a Bollywood movie. A charming dashing man with a high flying career meets the conservative and good natured girl, there are arguments and sparks initially but soon they recognize and give way to their tender emotions.

The circumstances, in which they meet are not so pleasant so we see a spate of tempers flaring and bitter disagreements yet there is an unmistakable attraction that none of them can overlook. The pull in their heartstring and the intensity of their passion resembled the wild untamed nature around and resonated the exact same tempo of the gushing waters of the river gurgling down the mountains and breaking all barriers around it.

When the marketing group from Ritam Exports come down for a tema building exercise to Rishikesh for rafting it was Rakesh who was suppose to be their guide. A freak rafting accident leaves Rakesh with a broken leg and JD as a favour takes over as the guide for the group. Though aware of his attraction for Sonia JD cant shake off his past and is shies away from commitment.

The rest of the story unfolds in Mumbai. JD and Sonia’s love story take a flight but when Sonia comes a bit too close to JD unable to make sense of the whole affair brings it all to a screeching halt. He is reluctant to take the next step, which horrifies the conventional and the mild mannered Sonia.

The title of the book leads the reader to believe that it would be a rocking tale of adventure and that is where it disappoints. The rafting trip is very short and leaves you with a feeling that it can only be dangerous and not too enjoyable, whereas my personal experience proves it to be on the contrary. The romance plays out not in the foothills amidst the adventure but in the dirt and grime of city life. Somewhere to my mind the team building exercise too is not fruitful if the team does not do anything worthwhile together. This leaves you with the feeling that it’s not very well fleshed out but then again Ray has tried to keep it short and sweet so that she can keep the readers captivated. The narration and the flow keeps the pace of the story admirably well though maybe the ending was a bit too rushed making Sonia look a little too gullible for a HR professional.

Despite some of its shortcomings its Ray’s style and poise that ultimately comes out as the winner in this short tale of love and romance.

Rapid Fall
by Adiana Ray

The Blurb
  Sonia and JD’s tempestuous attraction is as stormy as the rapids at Rishikesh. Not even a dip in icy waters can douse the sparks that fly when they are around each other.

JD’s recent divorce, however, has left him commitment phobic and bitter, and he doesn’t seem to want more than a physical relationship. At heart, Sonia is conservative; can she bring herself to accept a modern ‘live-in’ relationship, or will she push him away with her demands for a commitment?

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Meet the Author
The Author’s Thoughts
‘Sixteen and counting’ are the number of cities that I have lived in so far. I like to think of myself as a ‘Metronaut’. The myriad city cultures, the food, the hustle and bustle, the people are all elements of life that I thrive on and if you can have an ‘Astronaut’ why not a ‘Metronaut’ after all there are so many more of us out there?I believe in the Zen tenet that every situation has a 1000 truths. It helps me write and it definitely helps when I am dealing with my two children. I like reading, I like cooking, I like travelling and I love sitting like a mindless zombie in front of the TV and if anybody says anything to that….Aha! a 1000 truths come in very handy.

I also write under a pen name M.X Steele. Why? My daughter thought Adiana Ray was too boring a name.

I do hope you enjoy reading all my work because I believe passionately that though we writers love pontificating and are totally in love with whatever we write; at the end of it all it is the readers that matter and above all what we write has to be ‘entertaining’.

You can stalk her @
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The Runaway Bridegroom – Cover Reveal


Cover Reveal: 
Sundari Venkatraman


Sneak Peek

Chanda Maheshwari’s family is shaken when her thirteen-year-old bridegroom Veerendra runs away immediately after the wedding. The eight-year-old child doesn’t even understand the impact on her life. Unable to face their neighbours and friends, the Maheshwaris move from their village to Jaipur and begin a new life in the city.

Fourteen years later, Chanda is studying in a Delhi College. She takes up a temporary job at RS Software Pvt. Ltd. and falls head-over-heels for the boss of the operation. But what about  Ranveer Singh? Is he interested in her?

Ranveer’s secretary Shikha is desperate to make him fall for her. All she wants is life-long security with a rich man. But it’s nerd Abhimanyu who keeps getting in the way. Abhi is Ranveer’s second-in-command and Shikha isn’t keen on him as she’s eyeing the main chance. 

When Ranveer appears to show interest in Chanda, she’s faced with a new problem. Astrologer Vidyasagar insists that she would get back with her husband Veerendra. Does anyone want to know if she wants to do that? 

Chanda feels torn between the man she has fallen for and the family values that have been instilled in her. Will she ever find happiness? 


About the Author

Even as a kid, Sundari Venkatraman absolutely loved the ‘lived happily ever after’ syndrome as she grew up reading all the fairy tales she could lay her hands on, Phantom comics, Mandrake comics and the like. It was always about good triumphing over evil and a happy end. Soon, into her teens, she switched her attention from fairy tales to Mills & Boon. While she loved reading both of these, she kept visualising what would have happened if there were similar situations happening in India; to a local hero and heroine.

Her imagination took flight and she always lived in a rosy cocoon of romance over the years. Then came the writing – a true bolt out of the blue! She could never string two sentences together. While her spoken English had always been excellent – thanks to her Grandpa – she could not write to save her life. She was bad at writing essays in both school and college. Later, when it was time to teach her kids, she could manage everything from Science to Mathematics and History & Geography.

When it came to writing compositions, her kids found her of no help at all. All this changed suddenly one fine day in the year 2000. She had just quit her job at a school’s office and did not know what to do with her life. She was saturated with simply reading books. That’s when she got home one evening after her walk and took some sheets of paper and began writing. It was like watching a movie that was running in her head – all those years of visualising Indian heroes and heroines needed an outlet and had to be put into words. That’s how her first novel, The Malhotra Bride, took shape.

While she felt discouraged when publishing did not happen, it was her husband who kept encouraging her not to give up. There was no looking back after that. While publishing took a long time happening, Sundari continued to write novels and then short stories. Her luck turned when Indireads approached her to write for them and Double Jeopardy was born.

Now it’s all about self-publishing her books on Amazon. Her first self-published book is The Malhotra Bride (2nd Edition) in February 2014. Then came Meghna in June 2014. And now it’s time to unveil The Runaway Bridegroom, all set to release on September 13, 2014.
Are you ready????????????













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